Quantum Mecanic, Josèfa Ntjam

L’Autre·expo [The Other·Expo]

The Ateliers Médicis offers carte blanche to a number of artists, exploring and experimenting, with their diverse points of view, different perspectives, all taking place inside the universe of the internet. A series of new commissions are shared here on our screens, and they are or were available for viewing for several days.

Commissioning shared works, shown on screens

We offer artists carte blanche to explore, experiment with and evoke the ambivalence of our digital relationships.

In the current world context for art and the circulation of data and communications, a certain tension exists between the increase in the touring of art works and the loss in value of these works – or even the collapse of the production elements necessary for the process.

The Ateliers Médicis, a venue for creation and research residencies in situ for direct relationships and experimentation, continues to support artists experimenting with multiple, diverse means of access to artistic creation.

Commissions may be offered to artists all over the world who work in visual and contemporary art forms. They are selected by the Ateliers Médicis and their partners, both French and international.

MMIRI: Origin Stories – Alexandria Eregbu

MMIRI by Alexandria EregbuFor The Other·Expo, Alexandria Eregbu shares "MMIRI: Origin Stories", a series of artistic collaborations, and the preview of the prologue of her new feature film "The Reason Why We Hunt". This work inaugurates Clichycago, a collaborative platform between the Ateliers Médicis and cultural actors from the city of Chicago (United States).

MMIRI: Origin Stories, from February 24th to March 3rd

Blueprint Factory - Raphaël Faon

Blueprint Factory - Raphaël FaonWith the drawing program Blueprint Factory, Raphaël Faon challenges representation systems and exposes our world as constructed only by images. The drawing program allows the users to experiment and create their own modular utopian machines.

-> Learn more about Raphaël Faon (FR)
→ Learn more about Blueprint Factory (FR) [December 2-9, 2020]

L’Université Internationale de Gardiennage de Voitures - Ismail Alaoui Fdili

L’Université Internationale de Gardiennage de Voitures by Ismail Alaoui FdiliFor l’Autre·expo, the artist Ismail Alaoui Fdili launches the International University of Secured Parked Cars (UIGV) on the web and sets up a piece which will explore and examine the socially disdained profession of secure parking attendant.

The Moroccan artist has a creative process which includes sculpture, photography, performance and film. In his creations, he focuses on things happening on the periphery and those individuals living on the edge, somewhere between social inclusion and exclusion.

-> Learn more about Ismail Alaoui Fdili (FR)
-> Learn more about the UIGV (FR)
->Access the University's website [October 8-15, 2020]

Des murs dans l'eau, momentané 1 - Camille Juthier

Des murs dans l'eau, momentané 1 by Camille JuthierCamille Juthier has for several years filmed her brother, to establish a dialogue with him and to explore what makes him different. For L’Autre·expo, the artist opens wide the doors to her life and his, revealing this relationship, sharing with us the elements of her process: her research, her discoveries, her questions. What does it mean to be different ? What consitutes normality?

-> Learn more about Camille Juthier (FR)
-> Learn more about Des murs dans l'eau, momentané 1 (Walls in water, momentary 1) (FR) [July 1-8, 2020]

Allocution entre deux stations - Neïl Beloufa

Allocution entre deux stations by Neïl BeloufaFor l’Autre·expo, the artist, director and plastician Neïl Beloufa plays with the codes of our hyper-connected world, offering an online mini video game, based on a fictional political speech. The user/player is asked to understand the governmental statements, set inside a subway traveling in non-rush hour conditions.

-> Learn more on Neïl Beloufa (FR)
-> Learn more about Allocution entre deux stations (Speech between two stations) (FR) [June 17-24, 2020]

It’s you (…) - Julien Creuzet

It’s you (…) by Julien CreuzetJulien Creuzet shares with us a part of his creative process, in which he connects historical documents containing imagery of snakes which were drawn by various colonial missionaries, computer‑generated images, poetry and music. He bounces, connects, links and sets his intuitions in a rather unique mental collage.

-> Learn more about Julien Creuzet (FR)
-> Learn more about It's you (…) (FR) [May 20-27, 2020]

Quantum Mecanic - Josèfa Ntjam

Quantum Mecanic by Josèfa NtjamIn this piece, we hear a voice talking about time, the sound blending with videos of atoms, atomic fusion and atomic particles. Words and images are tangled together, they are inextricably linked ... is it Time organizing us, or are we organizing Time? 

-> Learn more about Josèfa Ntjam (FR)
-> Learn more about Quantum Mecanic (FR) [April 29 - May 6, 2020]


Who does this concern?

These digitally commissioned works concern French or foreign artists selected by the Ateliers Médicis. They will be eventually chosen for their past, current, or future collaborations with the space within one of their established programs: either as artists in residence, works in progress, or partnerships abroad. The selection of artists and work will be made according to the proposal’s relevance to digital creation, with a particular focus on diverse backgrounds and origins. 

Which practices are concerned?

These works do not specifically need to be digital, but a working piece from an artist evolving in the broad field of visual and contemporary art (sound, text, images) is preferred given the platform. The only obligation to keep in mind is the ability for the artwork to be digitally provided. It must be designed with and/or intended for the internet.

What about the process?

The artist has three days to complete, adapt, or create a piece of work. They will have complete carte blanche over the work, which is to say that there is no imposed medium, subject, or format required. The work should be the result of research or a creation that may already be underway, but the first official broadcasting of this piece must uniquely be reserved for the Ateliers Médicis.

How will the work be distributed/broadcasted?

The only constraint of this commissioned work is that the artwork must be submitted and ready to be distributed/broadcasted on or from the website of the Ateliers Médicis, and/or on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). The artist submits the file(s) and a protocol.

This protocol must have been finalized and validated with the webmaster (department of communication) and a representative of Ateliers Médicis’ management. An image or extract of the work is also requested of the artist, as well as a biography and photo of the artist, as well as the commissioned work beyond the periods of dissemination.

How long will the work be broadcasted?

The artwork will be disseminated by Ateliers Médicis for one week, though the exhibition period is renewable without times / duration limits in accordance with the agreement established by the artist. In solely the first week of dissemination/broadcasting, exclusivity is reserved for the Ateliers Médicis. Following, the rights of dissemination will be defined in a commission contract signed by both the artist and the Ateliers Médicis.

In return for the completion of the commissioned work and the broadcasting rights that the artist concedes to Ateliers Médicis, they will receive a stipend of 1,200 euros including tax (one thousand two hundred euros, including all taxes). The artist will submit a corresponding invoice to the Ateliers Médicis.



The American serie of The Other·Expo is part of a partnership between Étant donnés and the Ford Foundation to promote the African-American art scene in France. Étant donnés Contemporary Art is a program of the French American Cultural Exchange (FACE) Foundation, developed in partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, with the support of Institut Français-Paris, the French Ministry of Culture, the Ford Foundation, the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, and the ADAGP.